Thursday, March 15, 2012


I want to paint some more, and have cleared space in the garage in readiness, but there are already too many pictures in the house.

At my exhibition two years ago I sold four to strangers and gave away four to friends who were unwise enough to show interest – oh please, take it, I insist. Two more have since been given a good home with family. That made a bit of a dent in the stock, and there was room enough at home to hang nearly everything that was left.

The earthquakes brought down some of those, and they were not put up again, just in case. They have been stored in a wardrobe for months, but three days ago, with nothing better or more urgent to do, I put half a dozen up for auction on TradeMe.

I have sold other items on TradeMe but never a painting. Not one, although I have tried several times. Obviously the right people, the discerning people, the people who do not agree with Oscar Wilde that all art is quite useless, are simply not visiting the site at the right time. That is, in the seven days that my paintings are available.

What usually happens is, I wake up each morning and rush to the website to check on progress. The critical figures are views, watchlists and of course bids. The first two mount up day by day and things start to look promising. Then exciting. Then positively thrilling. Alas, it turns to custard. The auction ends. There are lots of views and several watchlist indications, but no bids. I retire hurt and disappointed.

So, three days ago I started the process again. Six paintings. Leap out of bed, check the site, start getting excited. Currently, "Grasses" (shown here) is ahead by a nose, but "Abstract" and "Autumn" are not far behind, with "Apples and carafe" making a move on the outside. Maybe this time ...

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