Sunday, February 17, 2013


... it dribbles, on and off, intermittently. The question is, do I have a header tank? To explain: I have recently, but only occasionally, heard a dripping sound coming from somewhere not quite located. It starts with a little rush, then slows down and stops. I shrug my shoulders and forget it, because that's what one does round here. After all, the house is waiting to be demolished and repairs, if any, are only bandaids. As for leaks, the guttering at the back of the house drips constantly even though we've had no appreciable rain for weeks.

Early this morning I got up for the loo, and heard the dripping start. [Please, it's no joking matter.] And noticed a wet patch outside the airing cupboard. Opened the door and saw that the floor under the cylinder was sopping. I only open the cupboard probably once a week, and even then don't think to glance down at the floor - I mean why would I? So who knows how long this has been going on.

Early in the morning is the time for worrying and fretting as we all know. I had no patience for the normally comforting radio with its BBC ramblings about India or the fortunes of Tottenham Hotspurs, and even less for Zoe (a resident) and Hoover (constant visitor) who got excited thinking that breakfast was going to be early for once. [Hoover may not live here and isn't entitled to breakfast but she's fast and smart and I have to be smarter and faster, but it doesn't stop her looking hopefully appealing.]

Anyway when I opened the cupboard the drip was still happening and I was able to hold my hand under it to locate the source. Thankfully not the cylinder but up there, at the juncture of the ceiling and the architrave. It can't be the roof leaking - no rain. Must be the header tank, or a family of incontinent mice.

But now doubt has been cast on the matter of whether I actually have a header tank. I thought everyone had one – so why not me? If not, where the dickens could water be coming from – certainly not from the blue and sunny skies.

Perhaps all will be made clear soon. A helpful Kevin, Gavin, Bevan or Dave will be attending tomorrow morning, 8am, to investigate.

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  1. Waterworks are such a problem when not working! if it's incontinent mice must be quite an extended family of cousies and cousins once, twice and three times removed!