Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is a giraffe.  Yes it is, I assure you. Look, it’s smiling.  It probably even had ears but all that’s left is the picture so I can’t be sure. But I bet it did – a giraffe without ears would be unimaginable.

This amazing construction was presented to me for my birthday twenty years ago by my grandchildren. I went wobbly at the knees, and they were beaming, and so proud. They made the cards too.  Together these formed an “Installation” as they are known in art circles, and stood splendidly on show for days before they succumbed to breezes and other destructive forces.

I was reminded of this giraffe the other day when I failed a riddle set by one of my contacts on Facebook.  If I had the right answer, fine. If not, I was was dared to change my Facebook profile picture to that of a giraffe and leave it there for three days. The consequences of not doing this were not revealed, but hey, how bad could they be? This is the riddle:

3:00 am: the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors. It's your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?

Hmmm. My answer was judged to be wrong – but I demand a commission of enquiry. I submit that the “right” answer is the wrong answer because … well, for a very good reason which I can’t actually say because that would spoil the fun for everyone else. So, in the meantime, my giraffe stays here, as a fond memory.



  1. I'd love to hear your reasoning behind the "right" answer being the wrong answer. A friend insists that "our" answer is wrong, and I say you and I are correct, but I can't come up with a valid reason to support my position!

  2. This is how I see it: 3:00 am: The doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors. (Is it a burglar? Hardly. Is it the Police? OMG, what’s happened?) By the time you’ve realised that it's your parents and that the silly old things are there for breakfast (at 3am!) simple logic and common sense dictate that your eyes have been wide open for quite a while. You even have the wakefulness and time to mentally check out the pantry for supplies. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. Then you are asked: What is the first thing you open? THE DOOR of course. Anyone who thinks that you’ve kept your eyes shut through all that is nuts. And – a secondary thought (brought to my attention by a reader of this blog) which can be explained away by blaming a basic lack of language skills – you are asked about a thing. Eyes = usually plural.

  3. Thank you. A masterpiece of course - what else from my grandchildren after all!