Saturday, December 21, 2013


Now, just in case, I have to fluff up my hair and smudge on a trace of lippy before I sit down at my desk. Won’t hurt to get properly dressed either. Oh, and put on my other glasses. They make me look more intelligent than the old ones.

Painting: Forest
I hadn’t bothered with Skype before, figuring that there’s nothing wrong with a phone for talking to people on this half of the planet, and people on the other half are asleep when I’m awake and wouldn’t appreciate being woken for a chat. But – move with the times, join the masses, embrace the technology, and Skype is now installed. Sort of.

But – it doesn’t work too well. There are bits missing – notably, and crucially, some kind of menu for navigation purposes. There is no way to, for example, upload a profile photo, adjust settings, delete a contact. I have, by mistake, invited a stranger with the same name as a friend, to connect with me.  She, presumably also by mistake, has accepted. She may, by now, realise that we don’t know each other and has not made contact. I wish she would delete me, because I can’t delete her.

There was much confusion over passwords too. During the installation process I was asked for my Microsoft password. Which I didn’t even know I had. When did I acquire it? What was it? Did I write it down somewhere? Yes, I know I shouldn’t, but how else can you remember a gazillion passwords to all the sites you have signed up to? No, you can’t have the same password for everything, because it doesn’t have the requisite number of characters, or a mix of upper and lower case, special characters and/or numbers. So you invent another password that complies, and write it down while you remember it. Then you lose the piece of paper. Then you forget that you had the paper in the first place, and that you have a new password to add to all the others acquired along the way.

Trying to come to grips with Skype led to a consultation begun over a landline with a friend. That in turn saw us both peering into our Skype screens still babbling into our phones until we realised how ridiculous that was and fell about laughing. Didn’t solve the problem with the navigation though – she has a row of functions at the top of her screen and I don’t. So where are mine? Here I am, dressed, coiffed and painted, waiting to chat…

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